“After working with Kelly for over three years I still find myself in awe of her work, she has taken the task of arranging flowers and truly turned it to art. In honesty it is hard to speak of her arrangements, because they so perfectly speak for themselves. Her work is ever changing and innovative, however consistently great. She has this way of listening to what people want and giving it to them with a more vivid and amazing result than they had imagined. Every once in a while you find a person that has a gift for their work, Kelly not only has a gift, she has a passion and talent above any other I have ever seen. She is one of the smart and lucky people on this earth that found their gift and followed it. We however are the lucky ones, because we have the opportunity to take a piece of her talent home with us. It truly is a gift, from God to her and her to us.” – Laura Sporrer

“Your flowers were amazing and SO, SO beautiful! Our grand entrance into the ballroom was breathtaking. The flowers were just what I wanted but even better! I can honestly tell you, that your flowers brought a tear (or two) to my eyes. We recieved so many compliments, and many of our guests and even vendors had asked who our florist was. Even the bellman asked us! I can honestly say, that I have never been to a wedding with such beautiful flowers. Thanks Kelly, for making our wedding that much more special!!!! Your work is absolutely amazing and award winning!” – Yunmi Kahng

“Kelly was the florist for a couple of picky, picky people trying to plan a wedding in a short time frame and under a lot of stress. She really made life so easy for us!! She is the only vendor we recommend without reservations - she understood our taste and made recommendations accordingly, always taking into account our budget. She went out of her way to help with details, required no follow up, and instilled the confidence necessary in us to work on other issues. We were ecstatic with her final products: gorgeous, vibrant arrangements, corsages, bouquets, and cake flowers added so much to the mood of the evening - it would not have been the same without her.” – M.C.

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to work with you for my wedding. The flowers were remarkable and well priced. You were extremely professional and great to work with. Thank you for making my special day perfect.”
– Megan Leppke

Flowers leave
some fragrance
in the hand that
bestows them.

– Chinese proverb